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16 Mar 2012

(Movie - 2003) Freaky Friday, directed by: Mark Waters

(Reaction) In Someone Else's Shoes (Literally) by: Jara Lucero

It's quite unimaginable to try picturing what it would be like to be someone else - much more living the life of probably one of your greatest friend and enemy - your parent or your child. How could you possibly deal with something you're not ready for (motherhood or fatherhood) or something you've moved past and matured from (adolescence)? With so many differences between the two (the so-called generation gap), living their life and trying to understand their ways could most definitely be freaky.

Freak Friday, first and foremost, focused on the rocky relationship and growing disparity between Tess (Curtis), the mother, and her daughter Anna (Lohan). Freaky Friday concentrated on how the two dealt with each others' lives since they were often found arguing because of their clashing interests, ideas and manners. Tess and Anna both think that their life is more difficult and problematic compared to the other.

The sudden switch of bodies, the main event of the film, made the two realize what the other person values and what each of them cope with on a day-to-day basis. However, this event posed instability in the family at the beginning rendering an unpredictable environment for the Colemans. Since they are living another person's life, the feedback became somewhat shaky and unclear for both of them. Where does this uneasy and unwelcoming attitude towards the situation come from? Both characters obviously have dissimilar values that become the root of their inconsistent bond as mother and daughter.

The mother obviously thinks that her child is too preoccupied with unimportant matters and wastes her time with her band and her peers. The daughter, in contrary, believes that her mother has become negligent and has failed to understand her as a teenager. They have created biased comparisons of their own personal problems in relation to the problem of the other party and it's unfair to look at it this way because each of them has a different predicament to deal with. The magnitude of the problem the daughter may encounter may not have the same effect on the mother because Anna has different issues and concerns at her age, and the same holds true for Tess and the problems she has to face.

Each of them has the tendency to downsize what the other one is going through because of the generation gap, bearing a difference in what the other person values at that certain age. For Tess, who has moved past the stage of teenybopper issues and the like, her family and the stability of her family is her utmost concern. On the other hand, Anna, a teenager who is still at that point where she needs to make the most out of her youth being experimental and trying to venture into early independence, believes that her peers and her social life must not be tied down to what her mother wants her to do. The clear cut difference in priorities and in values, therefore, results in a riff between the two.

After switching bodies, they themselves have recognized how different they are from one another and how the lives they both live may have been greatly misunderstood by the other. Both characters learned how unique they are from each other, and how this uniqueness makes them appreciate their individuality. The experiences they went through being each other helped them pick up a couple of lessons on how understand and be aware of each other's lives and how to keep the family together during a difficult predicament, because after all, it's the family that truly matters.


Freaky Friday is probably one of the most entertaining movies I've seen Lindsay Lohan in and her on-screen dynamic with Jamie Lee-Curtis was nothing but amazing. The movie had the right kind of spunk that I found very appealing. However, more than that, Freaky Friday had this subtle impact on me since I could relate to the little misunderstandings and arguments that Tess and Anna encountered and how these should not shape the entire mother-daughter relationship. Moreover, not having a mother (physically) present for quite a number of years while growing up made me realize that those limited moments I get to spend with her must not be taken for granted. The movie made me see that it doesn't have to take a body-switching mishap to know how much my mother has sacrificed for the welfare of the family she loves.

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